Our Mission

Our world is in the midst of something surreal that we have never seen before. The world is shut down as COVID-19 rages throughout countries ripping apart businesses, communities, and families. Our hearts are constantly aching from the seemingly never-ending amount of losses that we are suffering. Healthcare workers are risking their lives every second that they enter their workplaces to fight a battle against an invisible enemy, but we have hope that this will end someday soon, we will find a way to conquer this disease and begin to rebuild our world.


However, the fight unfortunately won’t conclude with the vaccine. Within a couple of months, happy families of five have now become four. Prominent businesses are now boarded up storefronts. Communities have been torn apart by indescribable losses. While we must fight the physical illness now with all of our strength, we must also look forward to tomorrow towards the next fight which will be the psychological recovery from the tragedies and destruction of COVID-19.


Awareness of the mental health and psychological effects that the pandemic has had on so many individuals is crucial to the recovery of our world. We must be ready to help those who are in desperate need of comfort. We must as a community be prepared to deal with depression, anger, tears, and guilt with open arms with a sympathetic understanding of how severely people’s lives have changed.


A“Celly” is short for “Celebration” and is used in hockey culture to describe a player’s celebration after scoring a goal. However, A “Celly” is more than just a simple goal celebration. Rather, it’s an instinctive outpouring and release of emotion and excitement built up while fighting a sixty minute battle with everything you have, and that feeling of finally putting that puck in the net, a relatively rare achievement in hockey, is a feeling of victory and success like no other.


We’re in the first period right now of our fight. We have a long way to go until the end of the first period by beating the virus, and an even longer way to go until the final horn, But the beauty of hockey and life is that you don’t only score once in the first period. When that goal comes, and the first period ends, we’re going to Celly, but that’s only the beginning because we still have forty minutes left to go with unlimited challenges in our path. But we are going to keep fighting and moving forward towards that next goal and Celly, and the next, and so on until that final goal and the ultimate Celly when we can declare a complete victory over the pandemic and all of its aftereffects. Let’s do our part to donate to mental health causes. Let’s Celly Forward together!

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