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Joseph Veleno is a Canadian professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins in the American Hockey League as a prospect for the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. Joe was 30th overall in the 2018 NHL draft. Joe is the first player from Quebec to have ever received exceptional status.  Joe has always been a team-driven player both on and off the ice. After witnessing the astonishing death rates around the world, especially in his native country of Italy, Joe quickly felt the need to get involved. Veleno understood that the traumas today would quickly turn into long term depression, anxiety, stress and other forms of mental health damage caused by COVID-19. Joe took this initiative upon himself along with two of his friends to create an influential challenge, in the goal of raising awareness for mental health and encouraging support to non-profit organizations. 


Twenty year old Eli Jonah Karls, from Montreal Quebec, is a social media content creator whose mission is to make wisdom relevant and spread it across the globe. It all began four years ago overseas after his departure from the music festival industry. He made the decision to embark on a journey to becoming a life-long student of wisdom and make it impactful to all. Admiring the powerful influence that social media has on society, he created what is widely known today as The Daily Wiz; a thought-provoking series of relevant and inspiring wisdom that he delivers on a daily basis. Karls has been a source of inspiration to many around the globe and his influence is becoming increasingly contagious. Since the release of his first video on Jan. 28, The Daily Wiz has amassed over 45,000 views on just his videos alone.


Ari Solomon of Teaneck, New Jersey is a sports specialized graphic designer and social media marketer with multiple professional athlete clients. Having been a 5 sport athlete in high school and a current college athlete, Ari is knowledgeable and experienced in the sports world. Inspired by the community and unity that sports creates, Ari is passionate about using his design and marketing skills, as shown in the CellyForward logo and social media/website content, to give others the incredible experiences that sports has given him. Ari Solomon is currently pursuing a B.A. in marketing at Yeshiva University in New York City. The CellyForward challenge is an important project for Ari because he is deeply affected by watching his community suffer from both physical and mental trauma in this pandemic.

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